The BioIMG Net will focus on two especially important areas which will have an impact on the socio-economic development of the state of Minas Gerais and Brazil. The first addresses the Network’s support for bioimaging research in the biomedical area, while the second will implement actions to effectively disseminate knowledge concerning bioimaging/biomedical research to the general public.

Regarding bioimaging research in the biomedical area, the objectives are:

• Identify the demand for microscopy and microanalysis in biomedical research and implement strategies to reduce their asymmetrical distribution in Minas Gerais;

• Increase inter-institutional collaborations that will show the importance of using bioimages in biomedical research;

• Share knowledge of modern microscopy and microanalysis technologies with researchers, including students, in the biomedical area in order to stimulate them to use these approaches in their research projects;

• Promote the organization of thematic workshops to support bioimaging/biomedical research;

• Promote the training of researchers in the biomedical area in the preparation of samples and collection and analysis of bioimages;

• Train human resources, including established researchers, students and technicians so that they can use microscopy and microanalysis as a tool for biomedical research with confidence;

• Expand the use of microscopy and microanalysis in Minas Gerais, Brazil and LatAM in conjunction with the Latin America Bioimaging Network;

  • Introduce in Brazil 3D serial volume electron microscopy (ATUM-SEM), a serial section technique that offers automated ultrathin section cutting and collection followed by semi-automated high-throughput scanning electron microscopy  imaging.

Regarding the dissemination of bioimaging/biomedical knowledge, the intention is to bring the university and research institutes closer to the public using scientific dissemination actions and interaction with high schools, which in Brazil lack an adequate infrastructure for the teaching of sciences. We intend to use microscopy as a strategic, stimulating tool to approach the phenomena of nature. The participation of the BioIMG’s professors, graduate and undergraduate students ensures the project’s interdisciplinary scope and amplifies its potential impact on the education of the citizens in Minas Gerais and across Brazil.

On this front, the objectives are:

• Stimulate society’s interest in science, through the dissemination of bioimages, including descriptions and videos of the methods and equipment utilized to prepare and analyze the material, on this website and various social platforms on the internet;

• Provide high school students with the opportunity to experience scientific experimentation in university laboratories;

• Introduce scientific methodology into the daily lives of students;

• Stimulate students’ curiosity about the actual mechanisms underlying the learning process;

• Encourage critical analysis of natural phenomena;

• Expand the basic science education teachers’ knowledge about the teaching-learning process;

• Contribute to the development of high school students as educated citizens.